Philip R. Evans

Philip R. Evans was born June 1, 1935 in Atchison, Kansas and died July 23, 1999 in Bakersfield, California. He is preceded in death by his parents, Roland and Lucia Evans, and by his son, Darren Evans and his niece and God-daughter Carolyn Croson. He is survived by his loving wife, Linda; his daughter, Courtney Evans of Gainsville, Florida; his sister, Lou Evans and his grandson, Patrick Evans of Bakersfield and his nephew, Chris Croson of Buelton, Calif. and many special cousins.

A Memorial service will be held July 31, 1999 at the Sacred Heart Church, 9915 Ramos St. at 2:00 pm. An Irish Wake will follow at 4 pm at Edison Middle School Cafeteria, 721 Edison Hwy. The family requests that all flower donations be sent to 4405 Kensington for transportation to the Wake.

Phil Evans retired after 36 years of government service. During this time he excelled outside of his job coaching basketball and baseball for the children of the community helping each child gain self-confidence and a greater knowledge of the chosen game. A graduate of Garces High School, he served as President of the Alumni Assoc. and with the help of a special and caring alumni board was instrumental in saving the school from closure.

Phil, a noted author of early jazz greats is known as the ultimate researcher,"Just the facts, just the facts." He has been called, "the best friend Jazz ever had" and each of his books have been declared the definitive work on the subject. He leaves behind a legion of loving fans, and friends who are known as his extended family, who respect his honesty, compassion, diligence, talent and his marvelous sense of humor. Fans and friends from around the world are greatly saddened by the loss of this rare man who brought truth to the world of early jazz.

There will be no visitation or viewing.

From his friends:

Linda (wife): "He was a generous and loving man that made me happy. He never waivered in support and gave of his strength to keep me alive. His delightful sense of humor gave me laughter to replace the tears and fear. I will always miss him. He will be sorely missed around the world in jazz circles, with friends, family and fans. Even his birds mourn his loss."

Lou Evans (sister): "My brother was the most perfect gentleman and the most gentle man that I have ever known. Until we meet again may God hold him in the palm of his hand."

Tom Pletcher (musician): "While wondering where our dear friends and loved ones go after they leave us. I thought to myself. Phil has finally gotten to meet Bix! Isn't that nice to contemplate? I hope they understand Phil's dedication and focus and quest for the facts and the truths about the musicians he loved and wrote about."

Claes Ringqvist of Sweden (musician): "We must keep his memory alive, we must stick together, we lovers of jazz and admirers of Phil."

Warren Vache (author/musician): "Phil gave much of himself to the world and will be remembered and memorialized by his excellent books. He left us a rich inheritance."

Scott Black (musician): "I fully intend to keep his flame burning, in fact, I intend on throwing a can of kerosene on it. Phil Evans was a very kind and generous man whose work and quest for the truth on Bix will live forever."

Mike Logsdon (musician): "For the last forty years Phil has been the world's expert and ultimate repository of material on the life of jazz legend Bix Beiderbecke. A kind and helpful gentleman."

Norman Gentieu (friend/jazz historian): "I knew instinctively that Phil was a great guy; a man of integrity; true blue; and, so rare these days, completely without guile."

Colleen Parkingson (playright): "His enthusiasm for the people and the music brought it all to life in a profound and lasting way."